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Ready to connect? Discover 101 and Discover 201 are for YOU!

Interested in Joining the Family?

Joining Restoration Christian Church is about much more than being able to say, “That’s my church.” It’s about becoming a part of a family that genuinely loves and cares for one another, and strives to live like Christ in every aspect of life. In Discover 101, we discuss what we're all about, and Discover 201 will help to get you plugged in at RCC.




We offer quarterly opportunities for you to join by attending our two-week Discover RCC 101 & 201 Classes on any of the following dates (choose one set of dates):

  • February 21 (D101) & February 28 (D201)
  • June 6 (D101) & June 13 (D201)
  • August 22 (D101) & August 29 (D201)
  • November 7 (D101) & November 14 (D201)

Each class is held on Sunday immediately following service in the prayer chapel and lunch is provided.



1. Complete Discover 101 & Discover 201 Class

2. “Passion Assessment" (Enjoy finding out your God-given gifts and abilities)

3. Placement and Training (Locating where you can serve and grow)

4. Celebration (Welcoming you to the family) 

Membership and Ministry Form

If you're interested in becoming a member of our Restoration Christian Church and serving in the ministry, then click the button to fill out the Membership and Ministry Form!

Passion Assessment